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World class health, education and community precinct

A community-focused precinct that will accelerate the Tweed’s self-sufficiency in health, education, employment & economic stability.


“Co-location and direct connection with shared infrastructure are critical elements to planning around health and community facility precincts.”

Detravis Group

Health Precinct Advisory Specialists

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Cudgen Connection will help deliver a health, education and community precinct providing jobs and essential worker housing next to the Tweed Valley Hospital.

Over $300 million will be invested to deliver a new university campus, aged care facilities, essential worker housing, private hospital, medihotel, specialist and allied healthcare, a community hub, farmers’ market, eateries and a community amphitheatre set in parklands.

It will create 1000 new local jobs, act as a catalyst to stimulate the local economy and address issues arising from the housing crisis, recent floods and the COVID border closures.

The opportunity to connect health initiatives, education, community groups and lifestyle in a central precinct is an exciting one which holds enormous potential for the region.




Intent of Cudgen Connection

Build a world class health, education and community precinct

Reduce waiting times in the public health system

Revitalise 5.7 hectares of derelict land, unused for decades

Create jobs closer to home with 30.1% of workers leaving the Tweed to go to work

Co-locate with Tweed Valley Hospital to create regional healthcare and synergies

Develop and provide mental health, youth and suicide prevention services

Create 1,000 new jobs post construction

Improve digital connectivity by extending high speed fibre-optic cable from the Sunshine Coast to northern NSW linking the region to world's best digital facilities

Improve public transport through a transport interchange