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Kingscliff and the wider Tweed are renowned for environmental beauty and biodiversity. Critical tracts of vegetation influence the location and scale of development to protect these lands for future generations.

Tweed Shire Council’s Tweed Coastal Conservation Zone Review identifies environmentally sensitive tracts of vegetation and coastal wetlands and protects sensitive land areas by limiting land uses. This map displays the location of the Cudgen Connection site and the extent of proposed conservation zone mapping for Kingscliff.

There is an interactive version of this mapping on Tweed Shire Council’s website.

When combined with the mapped extent of flooding impact, limited land is available to position critical infrastructure, such as a hospital. Cudgen Connection proposes to follow best practice and avoid areas of environmental sensitivity and co-locate supporting services with the Tweed Valley Hospital to enable the core components of a health and education ecosystem.

We will consider and investigate alternative sites identified through the Stakeholder Engagement Program, however, the current site possesses significant competitive advantages to deliver a health, education and community precinct in a timely manner.