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Community engagement

The innovative Cudgen Connection Community Engagement Program (CCCEP) is addressing regional challenges by harnessing talent and expertise in the community and empowering a team of Connectors to develop and drive community initiatives to achieve solutions.

We are engaging with established and emerging leaders who can work collaboratively, share enthusiasm for the Tweed and northern New South Wales and are dedicating their time and expertise.

Community Connectors, are identifying regional challenges and solutions as part of a structured initiative designed to deliver meaningful and measurable outcomes.

Connectors are helping design a community hub and determining how it can be successfully used by local not-for-profit organisations and community groups to deliver a thriving and prosperous community. They are identifying community challenges and working towards solutions.

The hub will be donated to the community and operated by not-for-profits and community groups at no cost to those groups or taxpayers.

The CCCEP is a chance for you and your networks to have a say in what comes next. We have undertaken studies which identify a number of regional challenges. However, as Connectors you will be encouraged to bring your own ideas to the table.

Social opinion polling, community information sessions and the Cudgen Connection Community Engagement Program (CCCEP) have influenced the masterplan.


Independent polling company Insightfully conducted two surveys of 500 locals to learn what they thought of the Cudgen Connection Masterplan.   

Community conversations

Community information sessions at Tweed, Cudgen and Kingscliff shopping centres gave locals the chance to view the proposed Cudgen Connection masterplan, ask questions and comment on the proposal. The overwhelming reponse was “It makes sense”.  70% supported the proposal.

Are you a Community Connector?

Connectors are leaders and emerging leaders with strong links to their many and varied communities. They may have different backgrounds, industries, ages, orientations, experiences and interests but have a common goal as they build a more authentic, sustainable and prosperous region. Connectors are supported by a structured framework and provided with the tools to deliver meaningful and measurable outcomes.

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Connectors hail from areas that include:

Mental health support

Suicide prevention pathways

Youth support

Affordable housing

Business incubator, mentoring and support

Wildlife care and research

Agri-business and agri-tourism

Arts and culture

Public transport

Seniors’ support

Disability support

Community health