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Aboriginal heritage

The Cultural Heritage Unit (CHU) of the Tweed Byron Local Aboriginal Land Council (TBLALC), undertook an analysis of the subject site in April 2021.

The report summarises the findings of a site visit and is supported by desktop analysis, a review of TBLALC CHU databases and records, access to and consultation with Aboriginal community and knowledge-holders and informed awareness of Aboriginal history, traditions and lore.

The site visit and report consider both the tangible and intangible Aboriginal  Cultural Heritage (ACH) of the site. TBLALC assesses the potential for harm and provides advice about avoidance, mitigation, and compliance with relevant legislation and codes of practice. 

The report does not confer approval to harm ACH. The authority for such an approval rests with the New South Wales Government and the process of applying for and obtaining such an approval is detailed and substantive. 

  • TBLALC has reviewed the Cudgen Connection proposal against its Aboriginal cultural heritage mapping database and cultural knowledge, undertaken a site visit, and based on this, considers the scope of works to present a low risk of harm to Aboriginal cultural heritage. 
  • TBLALC does not consider it necessary to engage an archaeologist for further assessment. 
  • TBLALC recommends that any approval includes a condition advising the applicant of their stop work responsibilities if cultural material is revealed as part of the development works.