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Frequently asked


Construction can commence on Cudgen Connection just as soon as all the approvals are in place.

Experienced industry participants Centuria Healthcare, Digital Infratech, Cottee Parker Architects, Blades Project Services and Planit Town Planners will undertake the project once approvals are in place.

Cudgen Connection is a collaboration of experienced industry groups Centuria Healthcare and Digital Infratech, Kingscliff-based town planners Planit Consulting, Cottee Parker Architects and project managers Blades Project Services. All partners have decades of individual experience in delivering outstanding projects to the built environment.

The concept is preliminary at this stage. A number of health studies have been undertaken resulting in unanimous support for the project. Details are a work in progress.

We want to hear from you, the community, to help shape the future of Cudgen Connection. Email us at [email protected], sign up for news and updates or apply to become a connector as part the Cudgen Connection Community Engagement Program (CCCEP).

Although the site is zoned farmland, it has not been farmed for decades. Onsite scientific analysis indicates significant land use conflicts which limit the viability of primary production and its footprint to about 30 percent of the site. There are non-rural pursuits on three of its four boundaries – the new Tweed Valley Hospital to the east, residential development to the west and environmental areas to the north.

The site is now isolated from other important farmland on the Cudgen Plateau. The Cudgen Connection concept includes a buffer to Cudgen Road and farmland beyond to the south, containing conflict to within the Cudgen Connection site. This separation and treatment upholds the ability of the Cudgen Plateau to be farmed uninhibited into the future

The site has a land area of 5.7 hectares.


The site at 741 Cudgen Road, Cudgen, adjoins Tweed Valley Hospital to the east, open space to the north, Tweed Coast Road and residential housing to the west and Cudgen Road to the south.

The concept delivers essential worker
housing, a mental health hospital, childcare
and retail to support essential workers and a hub-and-spoke public transport/bus interchange. A community hub will house a Centre of Excellence for Koala Research operated by the Koala Research Foundation Australia ttps:// a business incubator and not-for-profits that deliver mental health, youth, suicide prevention and other services. It will also deliver a university campus, private hospital and medical suites and medihotel.

Cudgen Connection will deliver health, education and community services, jobs and housing for essential workers while improving data connectivity and public transport.  A community hub will be built at no cost to taxpayers or the community. Parks, plaza and an amphitheater will provide unique places for the community to connect.

Cudgen Connection will rise from landscaped grounds with an amphitheater, community hub and childcare to a private hospital next to Tweed Valley Hospital. World class sustainability features will include solar power and water recycling. A boardwalk and playground offer views to nearby wetlands.

Cudgen Connection will benefit the Tweed and Northern Rivers communities. Essential workers will live onsite and welcome visitors. Family and friends will visit patients at the private hospital and neighbouring Tweed Valley Hospital and may stay at the medihotel. There will be parks, a plaza, an amphitheater and community hub.

Yes. Co-locating private healthcare services with public healthcare is proven to deliver optimum patient outcomes. Collaboration and collective exchange between public and private sectors is the key to delivering a productive health precinct.  Research, education and best practice precinct principles will be employed.

Tweed Valley Hospital is a public hospital funded by the various levels of government.
Cudgen Connection is a privately funded initiative built around private and mental health hospitals, specialist and allied health services, short term and essential worker accommodation. Co-locating the two facilities significantly enhances pedestrian and traffic movement for workers, patients and visitors as well as accessibility to all services provided by both facilities.

Economic value

Cudgen Connection represents an investment of more than $300 million.

Cudgen Connection is forecast to create about 1000 new long-term local jobs in the health, education, community and service industries and hundreds more in the design and construction phases.

Cudgen Connection is a private initiative and will be funded privately by commercial banks and health funds. Whilst no government funding is being sought to finance the project, significant taxation revenue will be generated across all tiers of government.

Services & facilities

Cudgen Connection will deliver a new university campus, essential worker housing, private and mental health hospitals, a medihotel, specialist and allied healthcare and a community hub. It will also have childcare facilities, community and public spaces, an amphitheater and a children’s playground.

As a health, community, housing and education precinct, the concept will support emerging and growth industries, attract innovation and investment and encourage lifelong opportunities for education and training. A university campus will be located onsite.

Digital innovation

Cudgen Connection partner in Digital Infratech is currently installing a network of fibre optic data cables from a new undersea cable network located on the Sunshine Coast. The undersea cable links directly to Guam in the North Pacific, delivering world class digital connectivity to the Southeast Qld region.

Digital Infratech is currently planning an extension of this network to the Cudgen Connection site, with operational works scheduled for completion in 2024.

This connection will deliver diversity, self-sufficiency & world class digital connectivity not only to the Cudgen Connection precinct, but the region. This will enable the next generation of businesses in health, technology and science to prosper, as well as leverage competitive advantage & speed in diversified internet connections for consumers.

About 250km of data pipe and cables will be required to extend the South East Queensland network into Northern New South Wales. This will empower the region, giving it direct access to world class data connectivity rather than relying on data networks fed from Sydney.


A major initiative of Cudgen Connection is the implementation of a hub and spoke public transport bus interchange. This will enable trunk bus services to link major local areas of employment, health and trade with spoke regional services to local communities.

Parking will be free for patients and customers of Cudgen Connection under a fair usage policy.


Cudgen Connection aims to uphold and improve the ecological value of the site for future generations.

Creating jobs closer to home combined with the delivery of public transport infrastructure and the clustering of connected land uses that encourage walking and support greater patronage of active and public transport will get private vehicles off the road.

Cudgen Connection will incorporate these best practice environmental initiatives:

  • electric car and bike charging stations
  • renewable energy generation from solar panels
  • water recycling
  • trees and landscaping to improve micro climate
  • procurement which supports local business and healthy lifestyles
  • use of recycled or recyclable material
  • underground car parking and increased landscaping to reduce urban heat island effects

Community engagement

The Cudgen Connection Community Engagement Program (CCCEP) is addressing regional challenges by harnessing community talent and expertise, engaging Connectors and empowering them to develop and drive community initiatives to achieve solutions. It is providing the framework and tools for these Connectors to design the Cudgen Connection community hub and shape the services it delivers.

A Connector is a dedicated community volunteer who represents an industry or interest group which is committed to building a more authentic, sustainable and prosperous region. Connectors have been undertaking community engagement to determine what will be included in the community hub and design hub requirements. They are also engaging with the community about the Cudgen Connection proposal.

Fill out the registration form here or email us at [email protected] and tell us about the community you represent and why you should be a Connector.